ControlUp’s Last Mile Experience monitoring gives IT increased visibility and control over the digital employee experience, no matter where they work—in the office, from home, on the road, or anywhere else—or the type of workspace they use: virtual, physical, or cloud.

ControlUp collects experience and performance metrics across the full server-side EUC stack, including protocol latency, and bandwidth.

For employees that use Citrix or VMware Horizon virtual workspaces, ControlUp Remote DX collects relevant user-side telemetry, such as the quality and speed of the Wi-Fi connection and performance of their internet connection, which affects their digital experience.

For employees that use a physical endpoint running Windows, macOS, Linux, or IGEL OS, no matter if they use a Citrix or VMware Horizon workspaces- ControlUp Edge DX enables IT to observe, analyze, and optimize the digital employee experience on those devices, too.

Combining ControlUp Real-Time DX and Edge DX gives organizations an end-to-end view of the digital employee experience so they can keep employees happy and productive in our work-from-anywhere world.